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Introducing the Sexulator!

2009 October 31
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A Sexulator – Sex Calculator & Calendar

A new sexy iPhone app!  Is now finally available for purchase on iTunes and in your iPhone/iPod Touch app store!  You must be 18 or older.  Just type in under “Search” the word “Sexulator” and you’ll find the above title.  You can read the full description on iTunes.

This app can make your sex life even better!  Keep track of your sexual activity (everything from intercourse, oral, kissing, multiple partners or events, etc) and input any personal notes you would like on any of your events.  The app can be password protected and has a discrete icon and icon title.

The app will do any calculations that you’d like on the types of sexual activity, where you input the type of activity and the length of time you’d like to get your averages on.  The app also includes a funny smart ass sex status!  Input your activity and see what sex status label you are given!  For entertainment, if you’d like, compare your sex life to your friends.

Please remember to practice safe sex.